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Benefits of Having a Website

If Anyone Has Told You That It’s Not That Important To Have a Website For Your Business. . .

. . . They Are Your Competitors,
or They Don’t Know Anything About Website


Note: Advice is free. They can come from anyone.


In our years of dealing with customers and students (we occasionally conduct website creation classes for individuals and businesses), we asked them questions and this is a long list we have gathered on ‘The Benefits of Having a Website“:

When you (or your business) have a website, you are (or you look):

  • You Are a Brand (Branding)
  • Authority
  • Big (Bigger than your competitors, or even bigger that the big boys)
  • Creative
  • Customer-Oriented
  • Established
  • Experienced
  • Hi-Tech
  • Updated
  • Expert
  • Extra-Ordinary
  • Focused
  • Friendly
  • Cool
  • Good
  • Here to Help
  • Here to Stay
  • Honest
  • Responsible
  • In Control
  • Innovative
  • Long-Term Business
  • Market Leader
  • Original
  • Authentic
  • Outstanding
  • Different
  • People Never Know You Before, Now They Do
  • Prestige
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Scarce
  • Serious
  • Service-Oriented
  • Sincere
  • People Easily Remember Your Website Name
  • Specialist
  • Strong
  • Successful
  • Promise A Lot, Deliver More
  • Beyond Expectation
  • Value-Added
  • Valuable


Look! This list goes on and on . . .

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But what is your cost to enjoy all these benefits?


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