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If you are in doubt as to what a free website can really do for you, look at those blogshops. They are created with a free blog service offered by Blogger.com. Another very popular free service that allow you to create free blog is WordPress.

Both of them – Blogger and WordPress – can create blogs. Both of them are free.

But are they able to make money for the blogshop owners? Definitely. Many (not all, of course) of them are making money.

Everyday, thousands of blogshops are created out of nowhere. Some are by an individual – student, housewife, employed people, for whatever reasons only they know. But many of those blogs are created by businesses. They use blog to grow their business.

A website can definitely do what a blog can.

In fact, many of the blog owners chose blog over a website simply because they DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE.

A website – free or not free – can surely serve your purpose if you build it right.

There are countless of benefits to own a website.

A free website can do a better job
in most cases, most of the time.